1. Jamie Whincup 888/Vodafone Ford 1m 21.8123s 1m 21.2773s
2. Craig Lowndes 888/Vodafone Ford 1m 22.0668s 1m 21.6343s
3. Garth Tander Toll/HRT Holden 1m 22.1887s 1m 21.5662s
4. James Courtney DJR/Jim Beam Ford 1m 22.3369s 1m 21.6809s
5. Fabien Coulthard PCR/Wilson Sec Ford 1m 22.3919s 1m 21.9039s
6. Paul Dumbrell Autobarn Holden 1m 22.5136s 1m 21.5844s
7. Will Davison Toll/HRT Holden 1m 22.7285s 1m 21.5008s
8. Jason Richards Team BOC Holden 1m 25.4188s 1m 21.5227s
9. Mark Winterbottom FPR Ford time disallowed 1m 21.4407s
10. Lee Holdsworth GRM/Repco Valvoline Holden time disallowed 1m 21.8147s

11. Steven Richards FPR Ford 1m 21.9388s
12. Shane an Gisbergen SBR/SP Tools Ford 1m 21.9976s
13. Jason Bright Britek/Fujitsu Ford 1m 22.0567s
14. Steven Johnson DJR/Jim Beam Ford 1m 22.0619s
15. Michael Caruso GRM/Repco Valvoline Holden 1m 22.0877s
16. Russell Ingall Morris/Supercheap Holden 1m 22.1041s
17. Rick Kelly Kelly/Jack Daniel's Holden 1m 22.1090s
18. Greg Murphy Tasman/Sprint Gas Holden 1m 22.2240s
19. Tim Slade Morris/Supercheap Holden 1m 22.3902s
20. Tony d'Alberto Nash/Bottle-O Holden 1m 22.4528s
21. Marcus Marshall Intaracing Ford 1m 22.7828s
22. David Reynolds Bundaberg Red Holden 1m 22.7843s
23. Jason Bargwanna Tasman/Sprint Gas Holden 1m 22.8073s
24. Todd Kelly Kelly/Jack Daniel's Holden 1m 22.8853s
25. Jack Perkins Kelly/Dodo Holden 1m 23.0927s
26. Alex Davison Irwin Ford 1m 23.3827s
27. Michael Patrizi PCR/Wilson Sec Ford 1m 23.8807s
28. Dean Fiore Kiwi Holden 1m 24.8808s
29. Cameron McConville Team WOW Holden no time

Shoot-out contenders previous qualifying times in italics


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