1. Craig Lowndes 888/Vodafone Ford 1m 57.7400s 1m 57.5723s
2. Will Davison Toll/HRT Holden 1m 57.8002s 1m 58.0932s
3. Jason Richards Team BOC Holden 1m 57.8292s 1m 57.9511s
4. Mark Winterbottom FPR Ford 1m 58.1012s 1m 58.3876s
5. Garth Tander Toll/HRT Holden 1m 58.3206s 1m 58.3524s
6. Todd Kelly Kelly/Jack Daniel's Holden 1m 58.3930s 1m 58.2387s
7. Steven Johnson DJR/Jim Beam Ford 1m 58.5447s 1m 58.3145s
8. Fabien Coulthard PCR/Wilson Sec Ford 1m 58.7592s 1m 57.9206s
9. Paul Dumbrell Autobarn/HSV Holden 1m 58.7674s 1m 58.3210s
10. Shane van Gisbergen SBR/SP Tools Ford 1m 59.5091s 1m 58.4914s

11. Steven Richards FPR Ford 1m 58.5012s
12. Rick Kelly Kelly/Jack Daniel's Holden 1m 58.5159s
13. Greg Murphy Tasman/Sprint Gas Holden 1m 58.5709s
14. Cameron McConville Team WOW Holden 1m 58.6445s
15. Marcus Marshall Intaracing Ford 1m 58.6748s
16. Russell Ingall Morris/Supercheap Holden 1m 58.7904s
17. Michael Caruso GRM/Repco Valvoline Holden 1m 58.8512s
18. David Reynolds Bundaberg Red Holden 1m 58.9485s
19. Jamie Whincup 888/Vodafone Ford 1m 58.9596s
20. Jason Bright Britek/Fujitsu Ford 1m 58.9951s

21. Alex Davison Irwin Ford 1m 59.0467s
22. Lee Holdsworth GRM/Repco Valvoline Holden 1m 59.1410s
23. Tony d'Alberto Nash/Bottle-O Holden 1m 59.3189s
24. Tim Slade Morris/Supercheap Holden 1m 59.5386s
25. Jason Bargwanna Tasman/Sprint Gas Holden 1m 59.5808s
26. James Courtney DJR/Jim Beam Ford 1m 59.5832s
27. Jack Perkins Kelly/Dodo Holden 1m 59.6726s
28. Dean Fiore Kiwi Holden 2m 00.4302s
29. Michael Patrizi PCR/Wilson Sec Ford 2m 00.6289s
30. Dale Wood Kelly/Hi-Tech Holden 2m 01.4748s

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Shoot-out contenders previous qualifying times in italics; for this event only, cars will line up with Ford on odd side of grid and Holden on even for race one, with races two and three to be decided by preceding results