Kartmania promoter Martin Capenhurst hopes to add new classes to the Kartmania UK Championships as the Honda Senior Pro-Kart and TKM 4 Stroke classes begin at Buckmore Park this weekend.

Capenhurst said to Crash.net: "The Kartmania championships are looking really good with a total of almost 40 drivers for the first round at Buckmore."

Manufacturer Tal-Ko announced a partnership with the 4 Stroke Challenge at the start of 2012 and the Honda class had new drivers sign up for it last year. Capenhurst is hoping for further expansion to satisfy particular demands.

"Next year we would like a grid of junior 4 stroke karts as we feel there is a big gap in the karting classes for junior karts," he added. "The response so far has been encouraging, especially from some of the 4 stroke cadets moving up to junior classes. Some of the drivers are not very tall and the prospect of moving up to the existing junior classes is a bit overwhelming as there is a big difference in speed and performance."

Capenhurst is open to having junior pro karts and subaru form a Formula Libre grid. "We also need an entry class for new junior drivers to come into the sport who have not learnt the system in a cadet class. We would like either Junior Pro Kart, Subaru or a libre grid of both karts if performance was matched. There are not enough juniors at the moment to have two grids. Ideally the performance would be just under the Senior Honda lap times. We also hope to have the Junior TKM class as well so drivers could progress from the Honda or Subaru Juniors to Junior TKM which of course is a faster class."

If the classes come about, a MSA National B licence will be required by competitors.

As well as healthy grids for this season, Kartmania had a major coup in February by securing the Wing Complex at Silverstone for this year's show which is scheduled for 17-18 November.