The Kartforce team has set a new Guinness World Record for the greatest distance covered in 24 hours driving a kart fitted with hand controls, it has been confirmed.

Team founder Dave Player told "It was a lot of photographs. We had masses of photographs, press releases and it was confirmed in a week."

Through JustGiving, the team also raised ?5192 to help set up more karting events for injured soldiers.

Trooper Steve Shine, Lance Corporal Martyn Compton, Corporal Ricky Fergusson and Private Mark Allen drove at the Teeside Autodome on 9/10 July. They completed 2660 laps and covered a distance of 1888.6 kilometres.

As well as the challenge of the driving, the weather was a challenge too. The start had to be delayed and wets were used for the first few hours. After changing to slicks after the conditions became dry, the team's pace quickened and by the twelfth hour, they had achieved only 25 laps fewer than the Dino Kart team who were attempting to break the 24 hour team record.

At 5:00 am, the rain poured again. "They had to use the pumps to get the water off the track," Player said. By the end, the team was only 168.1 km short of the distance set by the Dino kart team. "If it hadn't rained, we would've beaten the existing record," Player added.

New record attempts for straightline and solo are now being planned by Kartforce. It is hoped a new team will be at Teeside next year. Another idea is to have a team of triple amputees compete for the 24 hour team record.

The team will also be present at the final two races of the Inter Services Karting Championship. The events are on 11 August and 14 September at Clay Pigeon and Shennington respectively.

by Simon Stiel


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