Street Kart aims to be an innovative karting racing game for the iPad. It is hoped to be launched in February 2013 and the developers are looking for donations from the public to help "polish it off."

Ross Grayle Jones co-founded Street Kart with Duncan Abbott. He explained his motivation behind the idea to "We'd been really keen on karting for a long time and were searching around for an iOS game that had the competitiveness of karting, rather than just having to improve your 'car' in order to win. We wanted a game about strategy and skill as much as the equipment you have, where you could race against your friends in multi-player to unlock rewards. We just couldn't find one, so decided to make it!"

The game has had 11 developers work on it, including racing sim physics expert Niels Heusinkveld. Jones explained the stand-out features of the game: "The game has an entire career that is multi-player. You race in leagues against other drivers, if you beat them, you unlock new karts; regions; tracks; venues; suits; helmets; gloves; boots; fuel; tyres; engines and driver fitness boosts. We're not sure this has ever been done with a driving game on a mobile device. We have loads of licensed karts with a physics engine written specifically for mobile. Our game is free-to-play so it's a no-brainer to try it out. We hope that also means they'll be thousands of people online at any one time racing, and more importantly, get more people keen on giving karting a go, and decide to take up the sport."

Tyre manufacturers MG Tyres, Maxxis Tyres and Komet Tyres have been licensed for the game. So have several chassis manufacturers like Zanardi, Gillard, Zip, TKM, Monaco Kart and Arrow Kart. Caterham is launching its kart series next year and it too was impressed with the game: "The guys at Caterham loved the look of the other karts we'd done," Jones said. "They asked us to design a 3D prototype for them. It looked so good we've given them all the CAD drawings and now they're working out if they can make it."

iPad , iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch are the platforms the game is currently aimed at although if enough money is raised, PS3 is another considered console. Street Kart is looking for ?15,000 in donations.

"We're seeking a minimum of ?15,000 and ideally double that, to polish the game off," Jones explained. "We're close and the game is basically there, but the 'nice touches' still need some work and we're asking the karting community to come together, get some great rewards (such as having your helmet in the game as an unlock for everyone to race with), and help us build a fantastic game."

Donations can be made on the kickstarter page about Street Kart here:

by Simon Stiel