Complete event timetable for Rallye Monte Carlo - the first round out of 13 in the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship.

Tuesday 15 January

8.00am Shakedown 3.6km-long stage on the plateau de Lautagne (8km south of the Valence service park)
1.30pm FIA Pre-Event Press Conference (Parc des Expositions, Valence)

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Wednesday 16 January

8.00am Start (Valence)
9.03am SS1 - Le Moulinon - Antraigues (37.10km)
10.21am SS2 - Burzet - St Martial (30.60km)
12.46pm Service Park A (Valence - 30 min)
2.21pm SS3 - Le Moulinon - Antraigues (37.10km)
3.39pm SS4 - Burzet - St Martial (30.60km)
5.59pm Service Park B (Valence - 45 min)

Thursday 17 January

7.55am Service Park C (Valence - 15 min)
9.33am SS5 - Labatie d'Andaure - Lalouvesc (19.08km)
10.11am SS6 - St Bonnet (25.45km)
11.37am SS7 - Lamastre - Gilhoc - Alboussi?re (21.72km)
12.57pm Service Park D (Valence - 30 min)
2.50pm SS8 - Labatie d'Andaure - Lalouvesc (19.08km)
3.28pm SS9 - St Bonnet (25.45km)
4.54pm SS10 - Lamastre - Gilhoc - Alboussi?re (21.72km)
6.19pm Service Park E (Valence - 45 min)

Friday 18 January

7.50am Service Park F (Valence - 15 min)
9.08am SS11 - St Jean en Royans (33.19km)
11.23am Service Park G (Valence - 30 min)
1.31pm SS12 - St Nazaire le D?sert (22.11km)
3.26pm SS13 - Sisteron - Thoard (36.70km)
7.32pm Cars enter Parc Ferm? (Monaco)

Saturday 19 January

1.15pm Service Park H (Monaco - 48 min)
3.08pm SS14 - Moulinet - La Boll?ne V?subie (23.54km)
3.51pm SS15 - Lantosque - Luc?ram (18.95km)
5.12pm SS16 - Moulinet - La Boll?ne V?subie (23.54km)
7.17pm Service Park I (Monaco - 33 min)
8.58pm SS17 - Moulinet - La Boll?ne V?subie (23.54km)
9.38pm SS18 - Lantosque - Luc?ram (18.95km)
10.56pm Service Park J (Monaco - 13 min)
11.09pm Cars enter Parc Ferm? (Monaco)

Sunday 20 January

11.00am Prize-giving ceremony (Place du Palais Princier - Monaco)
12.30pm FIA Post-Event Press Conference (Media Centre - Monaco)

Rally total: 1,820.72km (468.42km competitive)

all times local