Complete event timetable for the Acropolis Rally of Greece - the sixth round out of 13 in the 2013 FIA World Rally Championship

Friday May 31

8.00am: Free practice
10.33am: Qualifying stage (3.10km)
12.15pm: Selection of starting positions (Service Park)
1.00pm: FIA Pre-Event Press Conference (Media Centre)
5.00pm: Ceremonial start (Zappion - Athens)
6.28pm: SS1 - Kineta-Pissia (47.70km)
8.13pm: Service A (30 min)
9.26pm: SS2 - Kineta (26.05km)
10.08pm: Flexi Service B (45 min)

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Saturday June 1

7.15am: Service C (15 min)
8.23am: SS3 - Klenia Mycenae 1 (17.41km)
9.38am: SS4 - Ghymno 1 (17.61km)
10.33am: SS5 - Kefalari 1 (18.40km)
11.49am: SS6 - Ziria 1 (21.36km)
1.47pm: Service D (30 min)
3.10pm: SS7 - Klenia Mycenae 2 (17.41km)
4.25pm: SS8 - Ghymno 2 (17.61km)
5.20pm: SS9 - Kefalari 2 (18.40km)
6.46pm: SS10 - Ziria 2 (21.36km)
8.21pm: Flexi Service E (45 min)

Sunday June 2

9.30am: Service F (15 min)
10.23am: SS11 - Pissia 1 (11.47km)
10.42am: SS12 - Loutraki 1 (30.14km)
12.29pm: Service G (30 min)
1.37pm: SS13 - Pissia 2 (11.47km)
1.56pm: SS14 - Power Stage Loutraki 2 (30.14km)
2.46pm: Service I (10 min)
3.30pm: Podium (Service Park)
4.15pm: FIA Post-Event Press Conference (Media Centre)

Rally total: 14 special stages (8 different stages). 306.53km of timed sections. Total distance: 1,052.50km.

all times local