This month marks the one-year anniversary of Gigi Galli's monster crash on the Rallye Deutschland. The accident there left him with a broken leg and while he is now fully recovered he hasn't had the chance to compete in the World Rally Championship since. Radio's Rob Wilkins took time out to speak to the Italian recently and find out what he has been up to...
Gigi, it is almost a year now since you had that big crash on the Rallye Deutschland in your Stobart Ford Focus RS WRC. Can you update us on what your plans are for the future?

Gigi Galli:
Tomorrow is one year to the day [August 15] that we had our accident and so it is just the right time that you call me! Now my body is okay and the leg is good. The recovery was perfect. This year we decided not to do any WRC events as we didn't have enough money to do a full programme. That is why we decided not to do anything and of course we wanted to try and save some money for 2010. Right now we are working on something for next season but we are still not sure what we can do. I think in a couple of months we will know more and it will be clearer.
Is the WRC still the main focus of your efforts?

Of course, I want to stay there. As I said, I am working on that and I hope we will find a way to do it.
Have you got any interest in anything else, like maybe the Intercontinental Rally Challenge?

At the moment no, but everything depends on what interests the other sponsors. Maybe we can consider something else. However my personal goal is to try to stay in the World Rally Championship.
At the start we mentioned that crash in Germany, just how difficult was the road to recovery?

No it was not difficult to be honest. Okay the crash was bad but we had very good help straight after the accident. We had a good operation too, that was very good. We had no pain and no complications after that. Just to let you know, three weeks after the accident I was already in the swimming pool to get the muscle and the joints working and to get fit. There was no problem at all.
Looking at the 2009 World Rally Championship, what have you made of the series this season?

There are not a lot of big differences in comparison to 2008. Even last year the most competitive cars were the Fords and the Citroens. However there are less drivers competing and probably more chances to have some good results. You can see that with Petter [Solberg] and what good results he has had this season [with a privately entered Citroen Xsara WRC].
Do you think Mikko Hirvonen can stop Sebastien Loeb and take the 2009 WRC drivers' title?

I think everything will be decided in Australia. It is a new rally for everybody. At the moment the championship standings are very close and there are only three rallies left. Sebastien is obviously the favourite on tarmac in Spain [the penultimate round in the 2009 World Rally Championship] and if Mikko is able to do something good in Australia we will have a big battle until the end in GB. Also I hope it will be a big fight because we all deserve that.
What do you make of plans for the WRC for 2010 and beyond and the changes to the regulations?

The base will be Super 2000 with a 1.6 litre engine [in 2011]. I hope it will be a good chance for a new manufacturer to come in and to show off its car. I hope the cars will be more the same, more level too, in order to have more drivers challenging for the victory.
Final question, returning to yourself, what have you been doing this year while you have been away from the sport and not competing?

I have just been working a lot to find a budget. Rallying is my life and I would like to stay in the sport. I have been working at home and have a lot to do there and manage everything. We have had a lot of meetings with my sponsor and we have been trying to find a new one as well. But I think something is coming.