The World Motor Sport Council [WMSC] has announced the events on which teams in the FIA World Rally Championship must use the same engine, chassis and gearbox in 2006.

The measures, agreed following a meeting in Monaco Friday, build upon those introduced in 2005, which also twinned certain events with the same engine or chassis. During 2006 five twinned events will be linked so that they use the same engine and chassis, while a further three pairs of events will be nominated in which gearboxes and differential assemblies are sealed.

The full statement from the FIA explained:

"The following rallies will be linked for engine and chassis in 2006:

- Monte Carlo and Sweden,
- Spain and France,
- Italy and Greece,
- Germany and Finland,
- and Australia and New Zealand.

"For these rallies the engine and chassis will be sealed together and it will not be possible to separate them, except under the supervision of the FIA. Each car will use the same engine and chassis for both rallies.

"As for the gearbox, the following rallies will be linked in 2006:

- Italy and Greece,
- Cyprus and Turkey,
- and Australia and New Zealand.

"On the first rally of the link, two gearbox and differential assemblies per car will be sealed. On the second rally of the link, one gearbox and differential assembly per car will be sealed.

"Furthermore there will be a limitation on other mechanical parts across linked events."

The FIA also confirmed that the date of the Rally NZ has been changed to November 17-19, due to logistical requirements, as announced back in November. The Junior championship meanwhile will include the Rally Argentina and as such the word 'world' has been reinstated in the title of the series, so that it is again the FIA Junior World Rally Championship.