The organisers of the Cyprus Rally, the twelfth round in the 2006 FIA World Rally Championship have revised the schedule for the third and final day.

Under the new itinerary the Down Town Special will now take place in the middle of the day, rather than at the end. Furthermore the third leg will start later - at 7.41 hours, instead of 05.00 hours and as a result the finish ceremony will now take place at 17.05 hours, rather than 14.15 hours. As a result of these alterations the second run through Lageia has been canned.

The revised itinerary for the third day is as follows:

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Sunday 24 September:

Serv F Lemesos (10 mins) 07.40
SS17 Vavatsinia - Mandra Kambiou 25.24km 08.54
SS18 Machairas - Agioi Vavatsinias 12.94km 09.52
SS19 Lageia - Kalavasos 8.99km 10.35
Serv G Lemesos (30 mins) 11.42
SS20 Down Town Stage 3.40km 12.35
Serv H Lemesos (20 mins) 13.05
SS21 Vavatsinia - Mandra Kambiou 25.24km 14.03
SS22 Machairas - Agioi Vavatsinias 12.94km 14.56
Serv I Lemesos (20 mins) 16.24

Finish Lemesos Promenade 17.05

Total Leg 3 distance 361.13 km (competitive 88.75 km)
Total event distance 1181.17 km (competitive 322.51 km)

all times local