Driver / co-driver: Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek (Citroen C2 S1600).

Press conference.

Martin - a great fight in the juniors with you and Michal Kosciuszko, very similar to the battle we saw in Italy earlier this year. But this time it's you who comes out on top, did you enjoy the fight?

Martin Prokop:
It was again a very big fight and I didn't expect this as I thought I would be fighting Patrik Sandell more. There was never more than five seconds between us and the speed was too high and I was feeling like I could make a mistake at any moment.

The lead was swapping back and forth between you and Kosciuszko throughout the weekend, until he made a mistake. It must have been frustrating...

It was very enjoyable but here in Finland sometimes it is too fast and sometimes I was scared but you just can't go slow - you have to push hard all the time so there was only one way to go. Today we slowed down and controlled our position more and weren't so aggressive, which is sometimes harder.

With this win I believe you are now in sixth position. Is the Championship title still within your grasp or not?

We have to win all the rallies right to the end to be in with a chance of winning. It will not be so easy but we will see and we will try.

A great result for you both and a boost to your confidence for the rest of the season?

Jan Tomanek:
For sure! We have a lot of confidence now because we have found a very good set up in the car and know we can fight hard.


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