Travis Pastrana walked away with his ninth career X Games gold medal on Sunday, after victory in the Rally Car Racing Super Special at the Home Depot Center.

One of the X Games most famous stars, Pastrana returned to the top of the podium after a bronze medal last year.

"I'm so relieved to have won gold in rally!" smiled Pastrana. "It was such an unbelievable race with so much action, I just tried not to make any mistakes and I think that made the difference. I'm already looking forward to defending my title next year!"

Helping Pastrana stay mistake free was co-driver Carolyn Bosley. Bosley served as co-driver for the late Colin McRae, a legend in rally car racing and one of Travis' close friends, who died in a helicopter accident last September.

She was a last minute replacement for Pastrana's usual co-driver, Jim DeChamp, who was injured while trying to front flip in Thursday's Moto X Best Trick competition.

Pastrana, originally a Motocross rider, dominated Moto X freestyle for years, taking six gold medals in eight years as his attention began moving to four wheels.

In 2006 Pastrana did the first ever double back flip in competition, earning him Moto X Best trick and also won the inaugural Rally Car Race the same year.

Another two-wheeled star to make the move to rallying is Dave Mirra, who claimed the bronze medal in the Rally Car Super Special. Mirra, originally a BMX biker, made his rally debut this year and gave the crowd huge thrills with his unique style.

"I'm so thrilled with my first X Games Rally experience! All I wanted to do was make it out of the first round, so to take home the Bronze medal was beyond my wildest expectations," said Mirra. "I'm ecstatic with how it all turned out."