Sebastien Loeb [Citroen Total WRT]:

"We spun on SS12 (Te Hutewai 1). That cost us valuable seconds and we failed to recover them entirely on the following test, Whaanga Coast. There are still three stages to come and we are 17.7 seconds behind the leader and 14.5s off second spot. We haven't yet said our last word, though, and we have no intention of giving up. We will continue to push...

"We were aware that this was probably too big a gap to bridge in normal circumstances but we never gave up, and our efforts ended up paying! It's becoming something of a tradition for the last day of this rally to produce nail-biting finishes. I am obviously delighted to have won this event which I really enjoy and which has taken me further clear at the top of the championship."

Daniel Sordo [Citroen Total WRT]:

"We tried to make the most of the fact that we are running fourth on the road today. I have never had a good run on the last day in New Zealand, but things seem to be going much better this time round and that confirms the good feeing I have had here so far.

"I'm obviously thrilled to have finished on the podium here. It's fantastic to have contributed to a one-two finish for the team and to have played a part in what has turned out to be a big points haul for Citro?n. I'm also delighted with the feeling I had here in New Zealand. I still lack experience of this terrain, but I was able to see that I have made progress since last year's visit. My feeling with the C4 is improving all the time and my times are getting closer and closer to those of the top loose surface experts. The bottom line of our weekend here could hardly be better!"

Mikko Hirvonen [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"This is one of the biggest disappointments of my career but that's the way sport goes. I was confident I could drive at normal pace through that stage and win but it wasn't to be because we handed Loeb victory. It's not looking so good for either championship now but it's not impossible. An eight-point gap in the drivers' standings will be difficult to make up and it's annoying to end like this after a great weekend. But I finished on the podium and what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The positive from this event is that I know I can win gravel rallies.

"When I saw Jari-Matti stopped in the stage I knew I just had to finish. However about 9km from the end I realised I had a slow puncture on the rear right tyre. I've no idea how, or where, it happened. Then a kilometre before the finish I spun and the impact on the bank dragged off the front bumper. It just wasn't meant to be."

Petter Solberg [Subaru WRT]:

"It's been a tough rally for us but fourth place is good after this weekend. What an incredible finish, the Whaanga stage was like a scrap yard! Today the car felt the best it has this weekend, so we are definitely making steps in the right direction but it's taking a little time. Of course, we are here for winning though so we have some more steps to take, but we have to lift our heads now and keep working so we can start to fight at the front."

Urmo Aava [PH Sport-Citroen C4 WRC]:

[No Quote]

Per-Gunnar Andersson [Suzuki WRT]:

"I drove a little bit like my grandmother this morning! Iknew there was so much to lose by making a mistake today, which meant there was quite a lot of pressure. The car was really good, but it was tough to find a rhythm and get into the morning stages, they were really loose at times. As well as that, I was struggling a little bit with the pace notes, they were too fast for the corners. It was such a shame for the last run through Whaanga Coast, that's a great stage, but a couple of kilometres into the stage we got a puncture, so we had to do the whole stage like that. Then later on, we got another puncture and dropped more time. Okay, this wasn't the best way to end it, but it has been a great rally for the whole team - and our faultless SX4 WRC."

Toni Gardemeister [Suzuki WRT]:

"I really enjoy these roads and today, like every day on this rally, the SX4 WRC worked very well. I had a spin on the long one this morning, it was quite tough to find the feeling on the gravel in there, but after that the day has been getting better and better. The team has worked really hard for this and we deserve the points and the finish. I'm really happy."

Federico Villagra [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"I am very happy to be here at the finish with both drivers' and manufacturers' points. It was our goal to finish in the top-eight on this event and that is exactly what we have achieved so I am very pleased with this. It has been a tough rally and we have had some small problems with the brakes but it is great to finish with no real problems all weekend. We are improving our pace on each event and learning more every rally and this event has been a good step forward. I am looking forward to the next rally in Spain as we will be testing before it and hopefully this will help me as my experience on Tarmac is limited."

Henning Solberg [Munchi's Ford WRT]:

"We have made some good steps this rally and I will take a lot away from it. After our problems on Friday I got this opportunity to drive at my own pace and it allowed me to try new things and set some great times along the way. We threw away last year's notes and made new ones for this rally and I think this also helped a lot. It was great to set seven fastest stage times and also to finish ninth which meant we could score a point for the Munchi's team and help them in the championship."

Matthew Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]: Restart under SupeRally

"I really enjoyed the rally this weekend but obviously we are disappointed with what happened on Friday as we would be in a great position now. Having a 'pressure-free' run over the last two days allowed me to drive my own race and try a few different things and we have set some great stage times in the process which I am really happy with. I have learnt a lot this weekend and I will take a lot away from our performance here. This is a fantastic rally with some amazing stages and I'm looking forward to hopefully coming back in the future."

Conrad Rautenbach [PH-Sport-Citroen C4 WRT]:

"Unbelievable! London to the other side of the world only to retire on the last long stage. The flip side is that I've learned loads. I think they call it character-building..."

Jari-Matti Latvala [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT]:

"I approached a long left bend where the later cars in the first pass had created a narrow line. I lost grip at the rear and the car went sideways. I floored the throttle to try to straighten up, but it turned and I went into the inside of the corner. I hit a bank, which had a rock buried in the sand, and the impact broke the radiator and the cooler. I knew straight away that it was over because the oil temperature and water warning lights came on. I'm disappointed because I lost points for myself and the team. I was going so well and was pleased with my driving here so I thought I could finish second. It's a bad feeling but after my problems in Germany, I've learned that I have to pick myself up and carry on."

Francois Duval [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT]:

"It was a second gear corner near the end of stage 17 and we caught a little bit of loose gravel and slid off the road. The car was not damaged but it became stuck and we were unable to get it out of the ditch. We were taking no risks on this stage so it was unlucky that our rally ended this way. We were starting to set some good times and my feeling was getting better each day after such a long time out of a WRC car on gravel. The next event for me is Spain and I am looking forward to getting back on asphalt again."

Chris Atkinson [Subaru WRT]: Restart under SupeRally

"Ok, this weekend has been tough for us, especially after our third position on the last gravel rally in Finland. It's disappointing that we had to retire today. We were testing some suspension components, and under braking the car slid straight on and we nosed into a bank and damaged the radiator, so that was it. Now we have a little gap to look at what we can do ahead of Spain."

Martin Prokop [Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX]: [PWRC leader]

"I was taking it steady today, but that's not as easy as you might think. When you have a lead like I did it's quite hard to drive carefully and not make a mistake. When you're not driving aggressively the car feels different."

Patrick Sandell [Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX]: [PWRC - second overall]

"Before the rally we decided we weren't going to push too hard from the beginning - that we'd wait and see what happened to the others - and it turned out to be a good strategy. The others made many mistakes on Friday's first stage - and we did too - but we were lucky it was nothing too bad. From then on we tried to go faster and faster. We got very close to Baldacci, but after his mistake for us it's been fairly straightforward."

Team principals:

Olivier Quesnel [Citroen Total WRT - team principal]:

"It's been an exceptional weekend which has ended in a fantastic one-two for Citro?n. Rallying is such an exciting sport. We never tire of saying that victory is never in the bag until the finish line has been crossed, and we saw that once again today! Everyone in the team responded perfectly to the way the weekend unfolded and that put our two crews in a strong position going into the last day. That in turn enabled them to push their rivals into making mistakes. S?bastien and Daniel have once again showcased their talent and their ability to cope with pressure. This is also an ideal result for their chances in the 2008 Drivers' championship, while second place for Dani and Marc is a just reward for their overall performance here in New Zealand. They didn't make a single mistake and posted some remarkable times. The other satisfying aspect of this rally was the reliability of our two C4 WRCs, and we have increased our lead in the Manufacturers' standings with the asphalt rounds still to come. Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Urmo Aava and Kuldar Sikk for their fifth place in the Citro?n Sport Technologies C4."

Malcolm Wilson [BP Ford Abu Dhabi WRT - team boss]:

"This is one of the most disappointing days that we've ever had. After being in commanding first and second places going into the last countryside stage, we certainly didn't expect to find ourselves with just third. I really feel for Mikko because he drove a faultless rally and showed he can take the fight to Loeb. Both he and Jari-Matti showed tremendous pace this weekend and we'll come back fighting,"

David Richards [Subaru WRT - managing director]:

"Rally New Zealand last year produced the closest WRC finish in recent years, and this year we have seen yet again an incredible twist on the final day. Petter and Phil did a solid job in what was a much more positive day for us. Their efforts were rewarded with a last-minute leap to fourth position, which goes some way to consoling what has overall been a tough weekend for the team. Chris similarly upped his pace this morning which was encouraging and we've certainly learned a lot from the testing he has carried out over the last couple of days."

Paul Wilding [Suzuki WRT - team manager]:

"As you can imagine, I'm pretty delighted with the way things have gone. This is a great payback for all the incredible hard work everybody in the team has put in. We have all worked tirelessly towards seeing the Suzuki SX4 WRC show this kind of reliability and pace. There's more to come, but for now we're all just going to enjoy this result. Fantastic!"

Malcolm Wilson [Stobart VK M-Sport Ford WRT - team boss]:

"It has been an unfortunate end to what was looking to be another strong event for the Stobart team. Fran?ois' off was a huge disappointment after what has been a really strong drive considering his long break from gravel and I'm really surprised he went off after not putting a foot wrong all rally. This has been one of Mathew's best performances in his career and the times he set today with everything going on at the front have been really impressive. He has also set some amazing split times over the last two days and it was good to see him setting faster times than drivers like Petter and Urmo."


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