Sergio Vallejo, who has been chosen to represent the 'BFGoodrich Drivers Team' on the Rally Principe de Asturias, was given a chance to test his Kronos-run Peugeot 207 S2000 on Monday near Santander in Spain.

The Spaniard, who secured the BFG drive on the seventh round in the 2008 Intercontinental Rally Challenge on Friday, used the test adjust to his new stead, as well as familiarise himself with the range of BFGoodrich tyres from which he will be able to choose during the event.

"The choice of Sergio Vallejo was announced just three days before the test but that didn't prevent hundreds of fans from turning out to watch it," said Kronos boss, Marc van Dalen. "That shows how popular rallying is in Spain and how much support Sergio enjoys.

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"He and his co-driver brother Diego covered about 100 kilometres which gave them a chance to discover the car, get to know Kronos team staff and evaluate the different BFGoodrich tyres available.

"We began the session with soft compound tyres to enable Sergio to get a feel for the car before switching to the harder compound A11 which is the product he will most likely run this weekend if the conditions stay dry. Sergio was pleasantly surprised by the amount of grip delivered by the four-wheel drive Peugeot 207 S2000.

"We then set about adjusting the car's set-up to obtain the best balance with both one and two spare wheels in the back to cater for different weather conditions. Sergio and Diego are great guys and we will do all we can to ensure they contest the rally in the best conditions possible."

"The test stage featured a big difference in altitude and the surface was quite smooth. We began the session on soft compound A03 tyres to give Sergio and his co-driver a chance to build up confidence and familiarise themselves with the car," added Michel Ducher, the BFGoodrich technician with Kronos in the IRC.

"The fast, wide road was more suited to a harder compound, however, so we soon switched to the A11 tyre. Sergio was perfectly comfortable with this solution and stayed with it for the rest of the day.

"We gave him a few tips on how to make the most of his tyres during the rally, including advice on pressures and 'cuts'. Sergio and Diego were very attentive and I hope they do well. They are very popular and a large number of fans even turned up to watch the test."