by Rob Wilkins

Guy Wilks has revealed that he has been really encouraged by the support he has received so far as he bids to try and secure himself a drive with the works Subaru World Rally Team next year.

The 2007 Tesco 99 Octane MSA British Rally champion launched the 'Wilks 500 Club' investment/sponsorship scheme back in July in a bid to raise the funds necessary to land him a seat alongside Petter Solberg and Chris Atkinson.

Speaking exclusively to Radio at the recent Castle Combe Rallyday, the Englishman added that while it is going well, he still needs more support.

"I could have ended up with egg on my face but it is going really well. We passed half a million a couple of weeks ago now," he confirmed. "I am really encouraged by the people that have come and actually backed me.

"Some people I haven't met before and some people I do know. It is quite humbly to see how many people have actually backed me.

"From that point of view it is actually quite nice to see the support. But in another way we still need more. We are still looking for a good chunk of money. However you never know where it is coming from next and you can't really second guess it. We have just got to keep our heads down and work hard at it."

Asked if he has any back-up plans should the 'Wilks 500 Club' not work out, he added that all his efforts are focused on it.

"We said we can't have anything else going on. Okay if a sponsor comes along great. They can almost be part of the 'Wilks 500 Club' as well," he continued.

"We have had commercial sponsors in the past. Mobil 1 being one of them and even in the British championship, I have a close relationship with Virgin Money and also Sega computer games.

"But the problem with those is only two of them are really global. We are out there looking for others as well at the same time."

Anyone wishing to find out more about the 'Wilks 500 Club' should go to Guy's personal website - - and there they can get all the details on how to 'Back the Brit'.