Petter Solberg has revealed that he is looking at alternatives to his current Citroen Xsara ahead of the next round of the World Rally Championship in Italy.

Having lost his drive with Subaru when the Japanese manufacturer announced it was to quit the sport, Solberg set up his own team to run a 2005 Xsara WRC and has picked up some encouraging results - highlighted by a fine run to third place in Cyprus.

However, Solberg has also expressed frustration at being unable to secure the upgrades required for his car to take the fight to the works cars during the hot summer events and he revealed that he could look at moving to a Peugeot 307 if the parts he feels are needed for the Citroen aren't available.

"I need some help here," he was quoted by the official series website "Some of the stage times and podiums have been more than I expected with this car, but now I want more. If I can get the 2006 parts for the Xsara, that would really help with the hot rallies.

"I would get a bigger radiator, intercooler and a bigger air in-take, all of which would help with the cooling and give me more power. I noticed in Portugal, when the engine got to a certain temperature, the power started to drop. I want to fight for the podiums, I want to fight with the Fords and if the car stays as it is, this isn't possible and I'm not interested in that.

"The Peugeot has a very strong engine. I do believe I could fight with that engine. And the rest, the weight distribution and the dampers have all been worked on. It's a good car now. Nothing is decided, but I will take a look at it."