Sebastien Loeb admitted he was disappointed to see his winning run in the World Rally Championship come to an end in Sardinia, although the multipe champion also conceded that it 'had to happen one day'.

Loeb saw his chances of victory come to an end on the second day when he suffered a puncture on SS11, and there would be further problems for the Frenchman on day three when it emerged that co-driver Daniel Elena had broken seat-belt regulations by unfastening his belts prior to the car coming to a halt as the pair stopped to change the wheel.

FIA stewards elected to hand Loeb a two-minute penalty as a result, which saw him drop from third in the results to fourth behind Petter Solberg, although he still retains a healthy championship lead at the half-way point thanks to his earlier run of five successive victories.

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"I am obviously disappointed that our winning streak has come to an end, but it had to happen one day," Loeb admitted at the finish. "At least people will stop talking about a possible grand slam this season, which is something I have never given a thought to myself.

"Our problems this weekend proved that nothing can be taken for granted in this championship, which is turning out to be as challenging as ever. We need to keep working to try and turn the tables on our rivals in Greece."