Citroen number one driver Sebastien Loeb has conceded that he really needs a good result this weekend in Poland after two less than successful results in Greece and Sardinia.

Loeb has seen his advantage in the race for the 2009 drivers' title cut from around 20 points post-Rally Argentina, to just seven points heading into what is the eighth round in this year's World Rally Championship.

With the summer break now coming up, the Frenchman is determined to go into it having put his bid for a record sixth title back on track. He will also want to do well to sure up Citroen's 15-point lead in the manufacturers'.

"What has happened on the last two rounds obviously puts additional pressure on our shoulders," he acknowledged.

"Our season got off to a flying start, but the last two rallies haven't gone quite so well. It would be a pity to throw everything away.

"I haven't seen much of Poland for the moment, but I plan to make up for that on the weekend before the start, since Citroen has organised a road show in the streets of Warsaw on the Sunday afternoon. I hope the atmosphere will be as electric as it was in Buenos Aires a few weeks back!

"During testing [for Poland], I got a chance to drive the C4 WRC in both dry and wet conditions. The stages are quite fast and not too rough, so they should be interesting. I think we should enjoy ourselves."

Asked about his big crash last time out, he added that he has thought about it and tried to analyse what went wrong on that opening test on day two.

"Without being overly obsessive about it, I have tried to understand what happened," he confirmed. "It's only natural, because nobody wants to make the same mistake twice.

"We went off on a stage which we had never done competitively before. There was a place where I wanted to make a correction to my notes, and just after that I clipped the rock which sent us into a roll.

"I don't know whether I took my eye off the ball for a few tenths of a second; I haven't really got an explanation, but I don't think I was pushing excessively hard. I have done plenty of stages before where I was far more foot to the floor than I was at that moment.

"Furthermore while the crash looked pretty spectacular from the TV images the impact wasn't that big and we didn't roll end over end. I didn't even have a sore neck the following morning! The safety equipment did its job perfectly. The roll cage absorbed the energy, and my 'eared' bucket seats also held my head firmly in place.

"At the end of the day this shows, not only is the C4 WRC competitive and reliable, but it is also extremely strong!"

Pressed on how he will approach Rally Poland now, an event that is completely new to the WRC and will mean he will have no past experience to draw on, Seb said he will just wait and see how it goes.

"We will only be able to do two passes of the stages in recce, so we will need to be particularly focused when making our pace-notes.

"All the terrains we visit in the course of the World Championship have their own specific features, so it is important to try to get a feel for the stages and their potential pitfalls. This is vital if you want to reach the finish in a strong position. The fewer corrections you need to make to your notes once the event has started, the easier it is! As usual, I will try to find the pace at which I feel the most comfortable to begin with, and then see where we stand compared with the opposition."


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