FIA president Max Mosley believes that the World Rally Championship is set for a bright future after sweeping plans to further develop and promote the sport were approved on Wednesday following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

A statement from the FIA said that the blueprint has been 'heralded as a major step forward for the WRC by all the major stakeholders', and 'is the start of a brave new world for the series'.

"It builds on the rich heritage and history of WRC and will enable the sport to adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing media and commercial world," added the FIA.

Under the new plans there are a number of notable developments for the future, relating to the calendar, technical regulations and aimed at giving greater flexibility to organisers to develop their event's unique character.

A raft of additional amendments to the 2010 Sporting Regulations have also been agreed in principle [see separate story - including an overhaul of the SupeRally system] and it is hoped this will ensure the World Rally Championship 'has the freedom to build on its core values' while also 'forging ahead in the areas of new media and entertainment and strengthening the qualities that have brought the sport millions of fans around the world'.

"I'm delighted that the World Rally Championship is heading in this positive new direction," said Mosley. "There is no doubt that with a sustained level of development and promotion, we can provide the ultimate stage to showcase this world-class sport."

"All the main players in the sport have worked very hard to get to this moment," added chairman of global promoter ISC, Neil Duncanson.

"These plans give us a stable foundation on which to build the series, and a unique opportunity to create something very special for years to come - for the fans, the media, the teams and the events."


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