BP Ford Abu Dhabi's Mikko Hirvonen has hit out at the proposed changes to the SupeRally for 2010 branding the new plans a 'really stupid idea'.

The overhaul of the controversial SupeRally format was announced prior to Rally Poland last month following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council and while they have only been accepted in 'principle', Hirvonen is not at all impressed.

Under the plans the current system of 'SupeRally' will be replaced in a bid to 'provide additional media stories, encourage retired competitors to return the following day, and to recognise rallying as an endurance sport'.

"As a consequence, only competitors who have completed each stage of the rally will appear in the final classification," added a statement from the FIA.

"Bonus points from each day will replace existing time penalties for missed stages, and will be in addition to the final classification points.

"In recognition of the new points scoring system, a daily and overall classification will be drawn up at the end of each day of competition."

Hirvonen believes though that this will not help the World Rally Championship and that it will merely baffle and perplex supporters even more than the current format, which has never been very popular with the traditionalists anyway.

"I don't know how it is exactly going to change or how they are going to do the points. But if they are planning to have points for each day, personally, I think it is a really stupid idea," Hirvonen told Crash.net Radio. "It just confuses the whole thing again.

"For me if you SupeRally you should only be able to get points for the manufacturers' and that is it. That would take all the tactics and things away. Also all the [top] 15 drivers' should be reversed for the next day [in terms of the starting order].

"That is how it was and then everybody would be driving flat-out from Friday to Sunday and the best guy would win. Overall I think the new points system sounds really stupid."

Despite his concerns however, Hirvonen was pleased with some of the other changes put forward by the WSMC.

Indeed he is looking forward to seeing events given more freedom with an increase in the overall event distance.

"That is good and is something I will like. I've always wanted the rallies to be a bit more like they use to be 10 or 15 years ago - like five day rallies, many different stages and lots of kilometres and maybe driving overnight as well. It sounds very promising. I am really looking forward to that," Hirvonen added.