The controversial SupeRally format looks set to get a major overhaul in 2010, if proposals made by the World Motor Sport Council last month prior to Rally Poland, and agreed in principle, get the green light.

Under the plans the current system of 'SupeRally' will be replaced in a bid, so the FIA says, to 'encourage retired competitors to return the following day, to provide additional media stories, and to recognise rallying as an endurance sport'.

"As a consequence, only competitors who have completed each stage of the rally will appear in the final classification," added an explanatory statement from the WMSC.

"Bonus points from each day will replace existing time penalties for missed stages, and will be in addition to the final classification points.

"In recognition of the new points scoring system, a daily and overall classification will be drawn up at the end of each day of competition."

The changes have thus far received a mixed response and while BP Ford Abu Dhabi's Mikko Hirvonen has branded the plans 'a really stupid idea' [see separate story - click here], his team boss Malcolm Wilson was more cagey.

"There is still a lot of detail to be ironed out between now and the end of the season," Wilson Sr told Radio. "Obviously SupeRally is a big plus factor for any young aspiring drivers and I think the one thing we can't afford to lose is the desire or will to continue.

"There has to be something or some reward at the end of it. Even if the guy finishes 33rd in his whatever car, it is still an important thing to take back to his sponsors that he has actually completed the rally.

"There is still a bit of fine tuning and it is still open for discussion - the 'i's' haven't been dotted and the 't's' haven't been crossed. Hopefully we can find a solution that suits everybody," he added.

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