Following confirmation of the five qualifiers from the Northern European shoot-out, which took place in Finland prior to last weekend's round nine in the 2009 World Rally Championship, Pirelli has now named the full line-up of fifteen drivers' that have been selected to go forward to the European Finals.

The drivers selected to compete in the 2009 European Shoot-out in Austria from September 18-19 are:

Daniel Wollinger from Austria; Todor Slavov from Bulgaria; Jan ?ern? from Czech Republic; Ott T?nak from Estonia; Davide di Benedetto from Italy; Maris Neiksans from Latvia; Vytautas Svedas from Lithuania; Timo van der Marel from the Netherlands; Anders Kjaer from Norway; Valentin Porcisteanu from Romania; Alex Raschi from San Marino; Marko Jeram from Slovenia; Victor Henriksson from Sweden;
and Brian Lavio Switzerland;

In addition, in accordance with the regulations, the Regional Commission is also permitted to select a 'Wild Card' entry to participate in the shoot-out. Based on driving performance, the following driver has been invited to attend:

Andrea Torlasco from Italy.

Furthermore two drivers will also be selected by the Nacam Zone (Central America) and Codasur Zone (South America) to participate.

The Pirelli Star Driver programme is a joint venture by the tyre manufacturer and the FIA and it is 'designed to find rallying's most talented and promising young drivers from the FIA Regional Championships in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East'.

Each of the regional series will host a shoot-out competition as a finale to the qualification process, with the successful five drivers - one each from Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and two from Europe - being awarded a six-event World Rally Championship programme in 2010.