Last month, asked you to vote on what you thought of the SupeRally proposals for 2010.

Voting closed on Monday, with a clear majority, 82 per cent, unimpressed with the plans put forward by the World Motor Sport Council prior to Rally Poland, the eighth round in the 2009 World Rally Championship, back in June.

Indeed while the WSMC wants to overhaul the current system of SupeRally and replace it with one where SupeRally re-starters won't appear in the final classification, but will be able to get bonus points from each day, most fans - 33 per cent - just want to see the whole concept scrapped.

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The full results are as follows - note only 11 per cent like the proposals...

Poll results: What do you think of the SupeRally proposals for 2010?

1. Abolish it altogether, it is just confusing: 33 per cent
2. Keep it is as it is - I've only just got use to it: 17 per cent
3. It needs changing - but must be a better option: 15 per cent
4. I like the proposed changes. Give it a chance: 11 per cent
5. The changes could work if tweaked: 11 per cent
6. I don't like the proposed changes: 6 per cent
7. Other: 7 per cent