Citroen trio - Sebastien Loeb, Dani Sordo and Sebastien Ogier, were all handed 1-minute penalties six hours after the official finish of the Repco Rally Australia. The Stewards issued the following statement:

Date: September 6
Time: 21.50 hrs
Subject: Stewards Decision 4

From: The Stewards of the Meeting
To: The entrant of car #1, Citroen Total WRT (Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena)
To: The entrant of car #2, Citroen Total WRT (Dani Sordo and Marc Marti)
To: The entrant of car #12, Citroen Junior WRT (Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia).

The Stewards received a written post-event scrutineering report from the FIA technical delegate which stated that the front antiroll bar link of car #1 did not comply with the homologation of the car.

The Stewards then summoned a representative of the entrant of car #1, the Citroen Total WRT, to them.

The following were present:

- Sven Smeets (team manager)
- Laurent Fregosi (chassis manager)
- Didier Clement (race engineer)
- Daniel Grataloup (team co-ordinator)

The entrant agreed that a part was different from the homologation photo because of the increased length of the part requiring additional notches.

The Stewards subsequently received verification from Citroen that cars #2 and #12 were also fitted with identical parts.

The Stewards then conferred amongst themselves at length seeking a solution that would be apt under the circumstances and


To levy a 1-minute time penalty on each of the above cars as well as a penalty of a reprimand on the entrant - Citroen Total WRT - for using a part which was not correctly homologated.

Stewards of the Meeting.