It's now less than two months to go until the inaugural RAC MSA Rally of Scotland, with excitement growing about final round of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge season.

The rally, which covers Stirling and Perth and Kinross, marks the first time in over twenty years that Scotland has hosted a motorsport event of such calibre. The event will bring not only top-class drivers and teams, but also dedicated motorsport fans and media, all eager to experience the thirteen enthralling stages, showcasing some of Scotland's most breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain.

The Rally of Scotland forms part of Homecoming Scotland 2009, which celebrates some of Scotland's great contributions to the world and has been attracting Scots as well as those who love Scotland to come home from across the globe and join in this inspirational programme of events.

In a quirky twist, organisers are encouraging fans to support their favourite drivers by placing a wish on the famous tree at the summit of Fairy Knowe, which is hosting stages nine and twelve of the rally on Saturday, 21st November.

Contributing to the sense of tradition and ancestry of the event, Fairy Knowe in Aberfoyle, or Doon Hill as it is also known, has long been known as a site of legend and myth. The tradition goes that if you write your wish on a piece of cloth or silk and tie it around the branches of the majestic Scottish Pine at the summit, the fairies of the forest will make it come true.

"The countdown to the Rally of Scotland is now on and it is great to see the excitement building," explained Andrew Coe, chief executive of event organiser International Motor Sports Limited. "The wishing tree at Fairy Knowe is a perfect example of how the stages of the rally are steeped in Scotland's history and natural beauty."

The Rally was secured for Scotland through a partnership of EventScotland, Perth and Kinross Council and Stirling Council.

"Excitement is growing for the inaugural Rally of Scotland and, with less than two months to go, preparations are well under way," EventScotland CEO Paul Bush said. "The Rally will bring significant benefits to Perth and Kinross and Stirling, positioning Scotland as the perfect motorsports' stage and an unrivalled destination for tourism. The Rally is an integral part of Scotland's year of Homecoming, a year long celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and of our many other great contributions to the world including great minds and innovation and culture and heritage; which are showcased through this event.

"The 2009 Rally is the first in a three-year deal secured for Scotland which will put the nation on the map with motorsports fans around the world. We look forward to welcoming the Rally and spectators to what will without doubt be one of the best stages in this year's competition and a great finale."