Ford of Europe motorsport chief, Gerard Quinn has said that what happened on the final day in Jordan with the use of 'extreme' tactics must never be allowed to happen again.

Ahead of this weekend's Rally of Turkey, the stewards issued a bulletin warning that they would not tolerate a repeat and that 'any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition' or to 'the interests of motor sport generally' could result in a penalty [see separate story - click here].

Asked for a response, Quinn told that Ford believes the matter needs addressing 'urgently' and that Citroen went beyond what was acceptable two weeks ago.

"We need clarity to tell a consistent story from the sport to the public. Ford believes that the regulations should be looked at to avoid the kind of situation that happened on the final morning in Jordan," he stated. "That went beyond tactics and must never be allowed to happen again.

"Ford has used tactics within the spirit of the regulations, but the problem we have is that not everybody behaves in that way.

"Ford is taking a responsible position and we are looking at some theoretical proposals that could be put forward after the Rally of Turkey.

"The line between acceptable tactics and infringing the rules has become increasingly blurred, and this must be addressed urgently because more has to be done to prevent a repetition. We are looking to discuss the issues with North One Sport and the FIA to find a solution."