Sebastien Loeb has urged the FIA to resolve the current issues surrounding the promotion of the World Rally Championship, despite admitting that previous promoter North One Sport hadn't done enough to push the series in his homeland.

Speaking in the pre-event press conference ahead of the WRC season opener in Monte Carlo this weekend, Loeb said he found it bizarre that more wasn't made of the sport in France given his success and the fact that another French driver, Sebastien Ogier, is also emerging as one of the true stars of the WRC.

With that in mind, Loeb admitted that the loss of North One Sport as promoter could be the catalyst for much needed change.

"In France, it's difficult to understand why [there is a lack of coverage]," he said. "There is an eight-time World Champion, there is Sebastien Ogier growing up to the top of the sport, but we don't see anything in France of the race. We lost our promoter, but last year we didn't see anything in France anyway, so maybe it's not bad."

The eight-time champion added that something needed to now be done quickly to secure a new promoter for the series and to put a solution to the current issues in place.

"For sure, there have been some difficult moments since last season, but I just think that it's important to promote the Championship," he said. "We have to find a new solution. For me, it's not important to do long rallies; here we have five days or anywhere in the world where we are going. It's important to make a good show on the television and maybe with some live television, like we saw with IRC. For me I drive, the rest is for them to find the good solution."