FIA president Jean Todt says he is optimistic that the governing body will have solved the current issues surrounding the promotion of the World Rally Championship by the second round of the year in Sweden.

The collapse of the FIA's deal with North One Sport after parent company Convers Sport Initiatives went into administration meant the 2012 season has started without a promoter for the WRC in place, with Monte Carlo organisers working with Eurosport to ensure TV coverage of the event and also providing a solution to timing issues that arose after NOS's deal was ended.

Speaking to the media on the third day of the event, Todt said the governing body continued to work hard on solving the promoter problems and was ready to use the current issues as an opportunity to move the sport forwards.

"We had one emergency to cover which was Monte Carlo, and that has been covered," he said. "The ACM had dealt directly with Eurosport and the result has been quite pleasing. You can see, not only on Eurosport, a lot of TV coverage and we have been able to secure an emergency plan for the timing and tracking.

"We are now working on a satisfactory agreement for the rest of the championship and for the years that follow. We will have contacts with Eurosport Events and with some other potential promoters and are very optimistic that we will have proper solutions in place before the Swedish Rally.

"When you are going through a difficult period, normally you use it as an opportunity. That is what we will try to do. For me, it is very important when you promise something, you deliver what you have been promising. Having been in an unpredictable, unexpected and uncomfortable situation, we aren't rushing to make a full commitment.

"We want to make the most of the opportunity although I feel disappointed that we couldn't move further with our promoter to whom we gave as much chance as we could have done."

Todt added however that it would take time to ensure the WRC is back at the level it should be at, with no quick fix to resolve the issues currently faced.

"If we work well with the new promoter - who will be chosen with the competitors, manufacturers and event organisers - we will be able to go back to a very strong championship. It won't happen in one year and we need to sit together to share our views on what we want to achieve in the next three, five and ten years."