FIA president Jean Todt said today he would like to see the Rally 2 rule currently in use in the World Rally Championship come to an end [see separate story - click here].

Rally 2, previously known as SupeRally, gives drivers the opportunity to rejoin an event on the day after they retire - albeit with a time penalty for each stage missed.

The SupeRally was introduced in 2005, after being trialled on the Acropolis Rally back in 2004.

This year it remains, although individual events have been given the choice whether or not to opt out of using it, as has happened for round one, Rallye Monte Carlo.

Its use has always been somewhat controversial, and while purists argue it is not in keeping with the spirit of the sport, it does have some merits, especially as it gives young drivers the chance to continue to gain experience, even if they go out early on. The ability to re-start can also be invaluable for sponsors, who continue to gain exposure, and it shouldn't be forgotten that it can also be a good thing for spectators, particularly those at events, as even if a top driver does go out on day one, then they can still see them in action the following day. Indeed one of the reasons it was brought in, was because there wasn't enough manufacturers competing and this was one way to help keep numbers up right until the final day.

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