The FIA has failed to reach an agreement with Eurosport Events over the promoter role for the World Rally Championship.

The FIA confirmed the latest set-back in a statement on Friday evening as it seeks to resolve the issues that arose when North One Sport was placed into administration.

With no deal having been agreed with Eurosport regarding the promotion of the series, the FIA is now set to open talks with other parties to try and secure a deal.

In the meantime, the governing body has been forced to tell event organisers that they will have to try and negotiate their own individual TV deals until a promoter is in place - which raises major questions about whether any deal can be done for Rally Sweden, which takes place next week.

"The FIA regrets to announce it has not proven possible to find an international promoter as well as a global broadcaster for the 2012 World Rally Championship season at this stage in time," the statement issued by the FIA read.

"The Federation has been involved in lengthy and detailed discussions with interested parties but a series of issues proved impossible to reconcile, and it finally had to take the decision to withdraw from these negotiations.

"In addition to the usual sporting and technical services it provides for these events, the FIA will finance the timing/tracking of each event so that the Championship can take place in the best conditions.

"Teams, manufacturers and the other stakeholders have all been informed of this situation.

"The FIA will now open discussions with all the other parties which have expressed interest in the promotion of the WRC in order to guarantee the future development and growth of the FIA World Rally Championship."