One of the world's most famous drivers, known all over the globe for his extreme and spectacular style, a snowy stage in Igora Park, a Ford WRC and Pirelli's studded competition tyres.

This was the unforgettable line-up that Pirelli and Ken Block put together on snow at Igora, close to St Petersburg in Russia to demonstrate how the right tyre can make the difference in terms of performance and safety on some of the world's most treacherous surfaces, without compromising on the amazing spectacle that is always guaranteed by the American driver.

Over a rally stage and driving test road, Block put Pirelli's latest studded Winter Sottozero tyres through their paces: the same family of tyres that successfully equipped World Rally Cars on snow when Pirelli was the exclusive official supplier to the World Rally Championship from 2008- 2010.

Block has taken part in many different championships and he is well known by fans for his spectacular driving style, such as his dramatic skids and slides. On the snow of Igora Park, as a guest of Pirelli, he gave a brilliant demonstration of that driving style and his absolute control of his car, making the most of the performance of the Italian tyres.

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