Amidst the ongoing turmoil within the World Rally Championship, the FIA has revealed the list of countries that will host an event during the 2013 season.

No dates have been confirmed for any of the events, which were instead listed in alphabetical order in the latest press release issued by the governing body following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

Argentina, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Monte Carlo, Portugal, Spain and Sweden will all feature on the calendar with finalised dates still to be confirmed.

"The dates will be submitted at a later time, taking logistics and the calendars of the other FIA Championships into account and to avoid, where possible, date clashes," the FIA missive read. "Candidate rallies will be considered for the 2014 calendar, to ensure their events meet the requirements of a WRC event. These rallies will be run and observed before the end of April 2013. Brazil and South Africa have already expressed their interest in participating."

The FIA has also confirmed that discussion regarding the future promotion of the WRC are ongoing, with a decision due to be taken later in the year.

"Following the call for Expression of Interest launched earlier this year to promote the WRC, and the assessment of the numerous bids received, a shortlist of candidates has been established," the governing body said.

"Final discussions with those candidates are currently being conducted with a view to establishing the best possible platform for the promotion of the FIA World Rally Championship. A final recommendation will be presented to the World Motor Sport Council in September at the latest."