Ford's Jari-Matti Latvala has expressed his disappointment after an error strewn Rally Italia Sardegna.

Latvala started in fine form and was quickest in qualifying. However the decision to run first on the road backfired and he concluded Thursday's opening day down in sixth, 42.1 seconds off the leader, after breaking the front-left wheel on his Fiesta RS WRC car in SS2.

Friday's action however provided little relief and while he was third in the opening test this morning and moved up to fourth overall, his day ended in the next test, when he hit a bank and damaged the radiator.

It has yet to be confirmed if he will re-start on Saturday under the Rally 2 rules, but even if he does, he will do so from 26th position.

"It was a new stage and my plan was to take back time following my puncture yesterday," Latvala explained. "I came to a slippery downhill section on a hard surface and braked late for a tightening left corner. The car went wide and over a rock.

"When I came back onto the road I noticed steam from the radiator. I spoke with Miikka [Anttila - my co-driver] and looked over to his side to see if there was a warning light on the dash.

"When I looked back to the road I realised I couldn't stop in time for the next right bend. I aimed the car straight ahead into a field but hit a gatepost, and the front right of the car was too badly damaged to continue. It was my mistake. I became distracted by the radiator issue and lost concentration. I should have focused on the driving and left Miikka to check the dashboard.

"Yesterday I made an error with my start position and broke a wheel after hitting a rock, and then this happens today.

"This is one of my favourite rallies and I'm disappointed at the way I made the mistakes."