A new logo has been unveiled for the FIA European Rally Championship, with the series promising 'Serious Competition Ahead' under its new strapline.

Designed to reflect the modern and fresh approach of the revamped ERC, the striking logo underlines the exciting nature of the all-action ERC, while the inclusion of a star re-enforces the European-centric nature of the championship - which will visit 13 countries across the continent next season.

At the same time, Eurosport Events was keen for the logo to be a departure from the existing IRC and ERC designs, while, at the same time being different from the current FIA World Rally Championship logo.

"We wanted a logo that was modern, that creates a strong identity that also promotes the championship's European roots, while ensuring an appearance that differentiates the ERC from other motorsport series," Fran?ois Ribeiro, Motorsport Development Director of Eurosport Events, said. "We believe we have achieved these aims. At the same time, "Serious Competition Ahead" describes the ERC in a nutshell as we prepare to witness some fantastic action on the stages between great drivers and teams.

"It's very positive to see the level of interest the ERC has generated since we have announced our agreement with the FIA one month and a half ago. We have no doubt competition will be high in 2013 in the drivers' and teams' championships."