World Rally Champion Petter Solberg has announced that he will compete in all nine rounds of the 2013 FIA European Rallycross (RX) Championship and will be aiming to win the title in his new 600bhp Citroen DS3 Supercar.

Solberg had previously announced that he would be competing in the RX Championship season opener at Lydden Hill on March 31, but then decided to go all-in when the opportunity arose.

"I don't do things by half!" agreed Solberg. "When I thought about it, I knew the RX Championship was the one for me. It's going to be one hell of a show this season and I want my team to be part of that."

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The 2003 WRC title winner certainly doesn't expect that it will be easy for him to walk in and start picking up wins straight away, however, and he does at least have some sense of what it will entail - he last competed in rallycross back in 1995.

"The competition is going to be really tough this year," insisted Solberg. "That's one of the things which makes me want to compete here.

"Believe me, it will be some show," he added. "With me and the guys racing against each others doorhandles with 600 horsepower and flames flying - it's going to be fantastic!"

Solberg's decision to switch to RX in 2013 means that he doesn't have much time to prepare before the start of the season next month, and as a result he was absent from Thursday's official championship launch event.

"I'm really sorry that I can't be at the launch," said Solberg, "but I am working pretty much every hour to get everything sorted out. Everything is looking really exciting right now. It's fantastic to be back with my own team again.

"The car is really coming together and, to be honest, I really can't wait to get behind the wheel," he enthused. "Having spent the last 15 years driving with 300 horsepower, having twice that power is something which really makes me smile!"

Solberg's been through the set-up experience before, of course, having managed to get his own team together in a matter of weeks when he decided to enter the 2009 WRC season as an independent.

Solberg added that global sports media firm IMG Worldwide taking over as promoter of the RX Championship had been a big factor in deciding to switch to a full-season campaign.

"Those guys know how to make the show," he said. "We have five rounds of this year's championship being shown live on television. And when three of those five live rounds are in Norway, Sweden and Finland - it makes complete sense for me to be competing here."

The live coverage - which also includes the final two races of the year in France and Germany - will be provided by satellite broadcaster Viasat. There will also be an hour-long report show and news coverage of the series, and the RX Championship will also feature in IMG's global magazine series Trans World Sport with a household reach of more than 150 million homes around the world.

FIA European Rallycross Championship 2013

Lydden Hill, Great Britain - March 31 Montealegre, Portugal - April 27 2013 Nyriad,- Hungary - May 25 2013 Kouvola, Finland - June 8 2013 Hell, Norway - June 15 2013 Holjes, Sweden - July 16 2013 Loheac, France - August 31 2013 Greinbach, Austria - September 14 2013 Buxtehude, Germany - September 21 2013