Organisers of Rally Australia has confirmed that the event hub will be located in the centre of Coffs Harbour when the WRC heads 'Down Under' in September.

A new Super Special Stage, using a velodrome in Brelsford Park, will be the centrepiece of the hub during event and in the preceding days when teams from overseas and Australia set up their service garages.

The finish podium, a stage, souvenir and food outlets, corporate hospitality suites and the international Media Centre also will be part of the complex, which event organisers hope will raise the profile of the event thanks to the fact the new hub will be within a block of the centre of the city.

"The new Super Special Stage design can allow match racing with two cars starting together in a pursuit format on opposite sides of the former velodrome tarmac circuit in Brelsford Park," clerk of the course Adrian Stafford said.

"Taking the stage into the city precinct also allows us to significantly improve spectator access and create a truly carnival atmosphere. The beautiful eucalypt trees backdrop will tell the huge TV audience around the world that this is Australia and the grassy banks will provide fantastic viewing.

"The plan also enables us to bring the Service Park alongside the city Stage and create what I believe will be one of most exciting Rally Hubs in the world. WRC teams will be able to showcase their engineering excellence to fans, who can wander between the service areas and the racing Stage. Even the Ceremonial Start in the city mall is now only one block away."

"The community's strong support for Rally Australia will not only assist our plans for 2013 but also enhance our bid to the Federation de l'Automobile to make it an annual event," he said.