The FIA's World Motor Sport Council has confirmed plans to extend the life of World Rally Cars.

"In order to extend the life of World Rally Cars, manufacturers will be permitted to re-homologate 2011, 2012 and 2013 cars without any modification, except one single chassis and engine joker for 2014," explained a statement issued following the latest WMSC meeting at Goodwood on Friday.

Other changes were also announced for next year, including 'a general rule' that "organisers of WRC events must ensure a minimum of 25 percent competitive special stage distance in relation to the overall distance of the event".

In addition Manufacturer and WRC Team cars from the same entrant will be permitted to enter Flexi-Service at the same time, having their service times counted independently. Furthermore in order to give more flexibility, WRC Teams will no longer be obliged to nominate a tyre manufacturer for the season.

Meanwhile, with immediate effect, and for 'budget reasons', WRC Team and WRC 2 entrants are no longer obliged to use the latest 'joker' parts when competing in WRC events.

The WMSC also confirmed plans and changes for the support classes and for the FIA European Rally Championship.

"In order to facilitate the replacement of S2000 Rally cars with Group R5, S2000 regulations will not be continued after 2013 and will be replaced by new R5 homologation regulations," the WMSC noted. "Existing S2000 homologations will be frozen and may no longer receive an extension for the rest of their homologation period, except for one single engine and chassis joker.

"The minimum weight of R5 cars has been increased from 1200 to 1230 kg to avoid the use of expensive options and keep the cost of the complete car within the stated limit.

"From 2015, classes R1, R2 and R3 will be permitted to use super-charged engines, in line with the evolution of series engines."

As for the ERC, "With immediate effect, the number of permitted tyres has been set at 20, plus an additional four if shakedown is included in the itinerary, for cars in Classes 2 and 3. In addition, hand cutting will not be permitted, unless authorised in very special circumstances by the Stewards for safety reasons.

"From 2014, the number of coefficients allocated to the events in the European Rally Cup has been reduced to three, namely 20, 15 and 10."

Finally, in order to promote the entry of R-GT cars in FIA rallies, as from now, 'tuners will be permitted to develop cars, in accordance with the criteria defining eligible cars': "The FIA will issue a technical passport, allowing the car to be eligible for events accepting R-GT cars," the WMSC said.


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