M-Sport man Mikko Hirvonen has said it was his own fault he crashed out of Rally Argentina this morning.

Hirvonen came into the event in high spirits after a good drive in Portugal last time out. However, it all went wrong in the first 'proper' stage, when he hit a wall just 7 or so kilometres in to the 27.09 km Santa Catalina-La Pampa 1 test (SS2).

"It was my mistake, I just missed a pace note," Hirvonen told the official WRC site. "There was a flat corner and for some reason I just missed it. The next bend was a short right into a very tight left, and I thought that was the flat corner. I went way too fast. My mistake, my rally didn't last too long this time."

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It has still to be confirmed if he will be able to re-start on Saturday under Rally 2, although the Finn is rather pessimistic about his chances.

"Mechanics can sometimes do miracles but it was a really big hit in the rear right corner. We will have to wait and see when we get the car back to service," he added.