M-Sport team leader Mikko Hirvonen may not have got the result he wanted on Rally Argentina, but he finished with a flourish by winning three of the four stages on the final day.

Hirvonen put in a great performance on Rally de Portugal last month, but his hopes of repeating that ended in the first proper test in Carlos Paz, when crashed out early on, hitting a concrete wall on the outside of a tight left-hand corner and damaging the front and rear right suspension of his Fiesta RS WRC. That put him right out of contention although he did fight his way back to ninth - thanks to Rally 2 - and in addition to winning SS11, SS12 and SS13, was also second in the event ending Power Stage.

"After my mistake on Friday we just wanted to finish the rally with a good pace and we were able to do that. Everything worked really well this morning. The boys clearly did a fantastic job with repairing the car and I was just able to really go for it," Hirvonen stated.

"I tried to enjoy it as much as I could and we had a really good time out there. OK, it didn't work out so well in the Power Stage, but I thought that I should probably let someone else take a stage win today too!

"I've always been quite confident in the fog. I have a good feeling with my notes and I'm able to really trust the distances into the corners - it just works for us."

M-Sport boss Malcolm Wilson added: "Mikko did a fantastic job on Sunday which just goes to show the exceptional job that the mechanics did with repairing his Fiesta on Friday evening. He has always thrived in tricky conditions and I think that part of that is due to the strong partnership between himself and Jarmo [Lehtinen, his co-driver].

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"They have complete faith in each other's ability and that is just what's required when the conditions are as they were today."

Meanwhile, Wilson said the off on Friday was just one of those things: "Mikko rarely makes a mistake so it was just really unfortunate.

"He's not going to let it get him down."