Hyundai boss Michel Nandan has said he 'still feels a bit like he is dreaming' following the team's success on Rallye Deutschland.

Hyundai only returned to the sport this year, and while lead driver Thierry Neuville had already given the squad two podiums - the first coming in Mexico, on the third event, and the other in Poland at the end of June - Nandan added that that he never expected them to get a victory so soon, and especially to do so with a 1-2, with Neuville heading home Dani Sordo.

"I feel a little bit like I am still dreaming. We could never imagine that coming here, in just our ninth WRC rally, that we would be celebrating a 1-2 result. It is quite remarkable and very special," Nandan stated after the ninth round in the 2014 World Rally Championship.

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"It has been a busy weekend with some tough conditions and requiring everyone to be at the absolute top of their game. Our team has been absolutely first class and it is thanks to each of them - here and at Alzenau - that we have this result today.

"The drivers have been on competitive form since the first stage and they thoroughly deserve this. To see Thierry take his first win and Dani [Sordo] on the podium is wonderful. We wanted to use this year as a learning year and we won't let this result carry us away. However, we have made continuous progress and our Hyundai i20 WRC is improving all the time.

"We benefitted from the unfortunate retirement of other drivers today but we were genuinely fighting for the podium and that reflects the progress we have made as a team.

"For now, we will enjoy the moment and thank everyone for their support of our young team," he concluded at the finish in Trier.