The World Rally Championship will feature live coverage of at least 26 stages over the course of the 2015 season, it has been announced.

A move to bolster the series' popularity and promotion, the live coverage begins in earnest during next week's 2015 season opener in Monte Carlo, where the first 21.31km Entrevaux-Rouaine stage will be shown live at 20.00CET on 22nd January.

Following this, the two runs of the Col St Jean - St Laurent stage will be shown on the event's final day on Sunday 25th, firstly at 9.30CET and again at 12.00CET, the latter of which forms the event's Power Stage.

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From here, three stages will be televised live during the second event in Sweden - including the iconic Vergasen test -, three will be televised live in Mexico and two will be shown in Argentina. Details about the remaining rounds will follow.

Oliver Ciesla, managing director of rights holder WRC Promoter, said there was an increased appetite for live action from the championship.

"There is a growing demand for live sports in HD quality in general, and our broadcast partners are asking for more live WRC coverage, said managing director of rights holder WRC Promoter, Oliver Cielsa. "That's encouraging, especially for our fans who can see more of the drama and action from the championship on television as it happens.

"The excitement of the Power Stage, featuring the rally's finale and podium, will be broadcast live from every round on Sunday lunchtime.

"Fans can make an appointment with the WRC at the same time for each round, knowing they can watch and enjoy the final outcome live. It's the must-see programme of a WRC weekend," added Ciesla.

Broadcast details will vary according to television distributor but it can also be viewed on via its 'plus' package.