Volkswagen's Sebastien Ogier has admitted it was special for him to equal the late Colin McRae's record of 25 WRC wins at the weekend on Rallye Monte Carlo.

Ogier, who is aiming to secure the WRC Drivers' title for a third time this year, now sits joint fourth with McRae in the all-time win table, with Carlos Sainz ahead with 26 victories, then Marcus Gronholm on 30 and Sebastien Loeb on 78.

"It is special for many, many reasons," Ogier said. "To be equal to Colin McRae in terms of victories means a lot to me - he is the idol for many rally drivers and for so many kids still playing on the PlayStation."

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Meanwhile, Ogier added that he enjoyed the battle with Sebastien Loeb, his countryman making an apparent one-off return.

Was he surprised by just how quick Loeb was? "Remember my quote before the rally? I said that I was sure Loeb will be there and he proved it - but that doesn't mean it is normal. It is not normal. He is Loeb!" Ogier joked.

"When he was back, he was there immediately with an impressive start of his race - we had to react. We started in a cool rhythm, but we lost a lot immediately. Okay, the conditions were not so good. But then we were clever, we waited for the conditions."

Ogier did point out however that the fight was skewed by their very different start positions - Ogier running at the front, as the championship winner in 2014, while Loeb was right at the back as he last competed in the WRC in 2013.

"My only regret is that it was not a direct fight because we have the different start position. I announced this last year and I fight everything I am against these rules. It is the first example that this is going to kill the close battles with the drivers," Ogier lamented.

"I am sure this is going to happen with my team-mates [Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen] that are sitting here with me [having finished second and third]. That is a shame because we have so many nice exciting battles. There were some solutions to make it better, but I don't want to talk too much about this...

"Still it was nice to have him [Loeb] here. When he is there, you remember you have to give a lot. It was pretty exciting. Before the rally I said do not forget the other drivers, but here we were a bit faster with Seb and I taking some time from everybody else.

"In the end he did a small mistake. My race changed then. I had to manage the race, it was more difficult - but I have nothing against that!"