Sebastien Ogier has been given a two-minute time penalty suspended for the rest of the 2015 WRC season after he was caught speeding on the Rally Sweden recce.

Ogier was found to have broken the speed limit seven times during the recce and while he was only fined after the first two infringements, the stewards were less lenient when it came to light he had in fact broken the speed limit on five other occasions.

In addition to the suspended time penalty - which will only be applied for a further reconnaissance speeding infringement - he was also fined 1232.50 Euros.

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He had already been fined 863 Euros for the first two offences.

The full statement from the stewards - Robert Reid (chairman), Kai Tarkiainen and Bo Swaner - read: "The stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Course detailing reconnaissance speeding infringements for Competitor #1 Volkswagen Motorsport, driver Sebastien Ogier [and] co-driver Julien Ingrassia, beyond the two occurrences already dealt with by the Clerk of the Course under Art. 20.2.2 and Art. 20.2.4 of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship Sporting Regulations.

"The report showed that the driver Sebastien Ogier had exceeded the reconnaissance speed limit of 70km/h a total of five times, over and above those already dealt with by the Clerk of the Course decisions #12 and #13, totalling an additional excess of 49.3km/h.

"The stewards after due deliberation DECIDE to apply a two-minute penalty, suspended for the period of one year, pending Sebastien Ogier being reported to the stewards for a further reconnaissance speeding infringement during that period.

"[And] to apply an immediate fine of 25 Euros per kilometre for the current infringements of 49.3kph, totalling 1,232.50 Euros.

"The Competitor is reminded of his right to appeal."