Ott Tanak has confirmed he hopes to re-start under Rally 2 on Saturday following his scary exit in SS3 of Rally Mexico, when he went off and into a reservoir.

Tanak and co-driver Ragio Molder both escaped unhurt - thankfully - but their M-Sport World Rally Team-run Fiesta RS WRC quickly became submerged and sank out of sight.

The Estonian was left shaken up by the incident, but is keen now to continue and re-join the fold, providing his car can be recovered and fixed.

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"I have never had this type of feeling before. It is an empty feeling but the best thing is to get back in the car," Tanak said.

"The team are trying to get the car back as soon as possible and they are ready to fight all night to repair it ready for tomorrow. It sounds like a crazy plan, but if there is any chance to restart the rally I know my team can make it happen."