The organisers of Rally de Portugal have cancelled SS5, the repeat-run through the 27.53 km Ponte de Lima test, due to nearby forest fires.

It is understood the fires started on Thursday afternoon, with the official WRC site reporting that almost 250 people and 60 vehicles were involved in trying to bring them under control. It was those efforts that allowed the test to run to some extent this morning, although it was eventually stopped after 33 cars, with the drivers that did complete it, still reporting smoke.

"It [SS2] was like being in a movie set, from about 18km to the end there was smoke and fire everywhere," confirmed Citroen's Mads Ostberg.

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"It didn't seem real."

Rally de Portugal will now continue with SS6, the 18.05 km Caminha 2 test, due to start at 15.35 hours local time.

Full itinerary available - HERE.