Kevin Abbring will not be able to re-start on Saturday under Rally 2, Hyundai has confirmed, thereby bringing his Wales Rally GB outing to a premature end.

Abbring, who was competing in his in fourth event of the season with the team, was forced to stop just two kilometres from the finish of SS3 after a leak into the water system. The issue caused "irreparable damage".

"That was definitely not how we wanted our final rally of the season to go. We got off to a cautious start in the opening stage the grip was higher than we expected. We increased the pace in the second stage and I had a better feeling," said Abbring, who finished SS2 in 13th overall.

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"We knew we wouldn't be at the same level as the front-runners because our pace notes are completely new, but we were hoping to show a steady improvement," he added.

"The final stage of the morning then started off well but towards the end we had to stop the car because of a leak into the water system, which made the temperatures increase. We tried to keep going but it wasn't possible. Unfortunately, the damage to the car was also too great for us to be able to carry on tomorrow.

"It's a disappointing end to the season but I feel that I have learned a huge amount in our WRC programme with Hyundai Motorsport and this will provide a very strong platform for the future. Thanks to the team for the opportunity."