Sebastien Loeb has taken back-to-back Monte Carlo victories after dominating the 2004 edition, to triumph by over one-minute from the fighting Ford duo of Markko Martin and Francois Duval. Former champion Marcus Gronholm and new team-mate Freddy Loix put the 307 fourth and fifth, respectively, on its WRC debut. Meanwhile, Gilles Panizzi snatched a late sixth from a limping Petter Solberg (who hit mechanical trouble following an accident), on his first event with Mitsubishi.

Overall times after SS15 / Leg 3:

1. Sebastien Loeb Citroen Xsara WRC 4hours 12mins 03.0secs
2. Markko Martin Ford Focus RS WRC 3 +01mins 12.6secs
3. Francois Duval Ford Focus RS WRC 3 +01mins 19.6secs
4. Marcus Gronholm Peugeot 307 WRC +01mins 26.8secs
5. Freddy Loix Peugeot 307 WRC +08mins 16.9secs
6. Gilles Panizzi Mitsubishi Lancer WRC04 +10mins 11.6secs
7. Petter Solberg Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 +10mins 42.2secs
8. Olivier Burri Subaru Impreza WRC +17mins 49.1secs
9. Josef Beres Hyundai Accent WRC +19mins 43.1secs 10. Nicolas Bernardi Renault Clio +23mins 38.1secs

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11. Jussi Valimaki Hyundai Accent WRC +24mins 11.2secs 12. Urmo Aava Suzuki Ignis +27mins 46.1secs
13. Luca Rossetti Citroen Saxo VTS +29mins 02.6secs 14. Kris Meeke Opel Corsa +31mins 12.6secs 15. Alessandro Broccoli Fiat Punto +31mins 20.2secs 16. Larry Cols Renault Clio +35mins 01.1secs 17. Mirco Baldacci Suzuki Ignis +35mins 50.9secs 18. Luca Cecchettini Renault Clio +47mins 11.16ecs 19. Per-Gunnar Andersson Suzuki Ignis +49mins 19.5secs 20. Mathieu Biasion Fiat Punto +52mins 51.4secs

Overall JWRC after SS15 / Leg 3:

1. Nicolas Bernardi Renault Clio 4hours 35mins 41.1secs 2. Urmo Aava Suzuki Ignis +04mins 08.0secs 3. Kris Meeke Opel Corsa +07mins 34.5secs 4. Alessandro Broccoli Fiat Punto +07mins 42.1secs 5. Larry Cols Renault Clio +11mins 23.0secs 6. Mirco Baldacci Suzuki Ignis +12mins 12.8secs 7. Luca Cecchettini Renault Clio +23mins 33.5secs 8. Per-Gunnar Andersson Suzuki Ignis +25mins 41.4secs 9. Mathieu Biasion Fiat Punto +29mins 13.3secs

Notable retirements:

SS5. Gianluigi Galli Mitsubishi Lancer WRC04 Went off the road.
SS9. Carlos Sainz Citroen Xsara WRC Spun
SS9. Mikko Hirvonen Subaru Impreza WRC 2003 Spun

Italics denotes Junior World Rally Championship entries.