Troy Corser was left feeling rather battered and bruised after an erratic World Superbike weekend at Donington Park that saw him hit the ground on six occasions.

Falling twice in free practice, twice again in Superpole, once more in warm-up and then again during race one, Corser endured a punishing weekend, although he at least ended it on a high with a run to third place in the second event.

His off in the first race was particularly disappointing as Corser had been running a comfortable third when he slid on the oil slick put down by Yamaha team-mate Noriyuki Haga.

After failing to make the restart in time, Corser was forced to lament the crashes that had left him nursing several bruises on his body.

"I just want to lay down somewhere soft and not move for a while," he said. "I have never had six crashes in a season, let alone a weekend! Each time I seemed to fall on the same part of my body and now my right hip, side and back are a mass of bruising. Somehow both my hands are also black and blue and I feel as if I have been though a hurricane.

"I, and some others, fell on Nori's oil in race one and the race was red-flagged. I thought I might make the restart, but could not do so because I couldn't get myself and the bike back to the pit-lane within the five minutes allowed in the rules."

Still, Corser went some way to healing those 'wounds' with a podium in the second race, this despite him spending the first lap with his hand in the air gesticulating for organisers to stop the race for being too wet.

"At least the first race took place mainly in the dry, unlike the second! We were all on the grid with dry set-ups because it had been dry, but then torrential rain started and all the teams had to run and get wet tyres, fit them on the bikes and try and alter the settings for a wet race. I actually thought that the organisers would delay the start a little so that we could all get our work done properly, but they didn't and we began as normal.

"It had taken some effort just to get my leg over the bike and throughout the race I was worried that my right foot would slip off the footpeg because of the wet conditions. I knew if that happened, I would not have had the strength or flexibility to lift the leg back up and on to the footpeg again and my race would've been over!

Now up to second place in the rider standings, although Corser has conceded title defeat to Troy Bayliss, he is delighted to be in a provisional runners-up spot.

"Luckily, I managed somehow and the reward was a podium and second place in the championship. Bayliss is far too ahead to catch, but I would be very happy to finish second in the championship at the end of the year and will do my best to do that."