This picture shows World Superbike stars Noriyuki Haga and Yuki Kagayama shooting guns during a short holiday at the ranch of triple 500cc world champion Kenny Roberts in San Jose, California.

The visit followed the recent US-round of the 2009 WSBK championship, which Haga left with a 53 point title lead - while Kagayama posted two points finishes despite suffering a broken ankle in qualifying.

As a result of his injury, the Suzuki Alstare Brux began his post-Miller break with a trip to Dr Ting's clinic, where he had a further CAT scan and his plaster cast removed in order to start rehabilitation.

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When in hospital immediately after the crash, Kagayama had been told it would take six months for his injuries to heal, but Dr Ting informed him that he would be able to race at Misano, from June 19-21, as long as the right programme of rehabilitation and physiotherapy was carried out.

"It was good to see Dr Ting and get another opinion and good that the opinion is very positive about my recovery," said the Japanese. "I am working hard to be in a good condition for Misano and I do not think my injuries will cause me any problems."

Kagayama began by walking in the swimming pool and a regular programme of ice and heat on his foot, whilst also making time for a bit of rest and relaxation.

The relaxation included a bit of shooting (note that Kagayama is using a crutch to hold up his gun!) and barbecues with Haga, 2000 500cc world champion Kenny Roberts Jr and Kenny Roberts Sr - which provided the perfect chance for plenty of racing talk.

Kagayama stayed at the ranch for a week, before returning to Paris where he is continuing his rehabilitation.

"It was fun hanging out with Nori, Kenny Sr and Kenny Jr and a good break away from the track for a while, but now I am thinking of Misano and getting back to my job as a racer," he declared.