Eugene Laverty was disappointed his 'Plan B' to overtake Cal Crutchlow on the final corner of the latest World Supersport Championship race at Misano did not come to fruition.

Laverty enjoyed an entertaining dice with Crutchlow from almost start-to-finish, the Parkalgar Honda rider shrugging off a ninth place starting position to move into the lead on lap three, a position he held when the race was red flagged.

At the restart, Laverty and Crutchlow disputed the lead again as they pulled away from their rivals, with Laverty moving ahead with four laps remaining.

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However, he was unable to pull away as planned, so when Crutchlow re-took the lead with two laps remaining, Laverty concocted a plan to strike back at the final bend of the race. In the end though, he admits he was 'too eager' to accelerate out of the corner, scuppering his chances.

"I am still reasonably happy with second," he said. "In the first half of the race I sliced through from a bad start and 13th to the lead in just three laps. Then in the delay, we made a small change to my Parkalgar Honda and it worked very well. In the second half it was much easier to follow Cal Crutchlow, so much so that when sitting behind him I thought I was being held up, but when I took the lead I couldn't get away.

"He passed me again and I thought I'd go for plan B which was to get into the final corner and drive out to challenge Cal at the line. I had deliberately held back at that corner in previous laps because I was quicker than him there. Then on the last corner I got in well but got on the gas very early, I may have been too eager, and the rear wheel simply spun up.

"It was a good race and the lap times at the end were unbelievable, Cal and I are streets ahead of anyone else. I am looking forward to Donington Park next weekend; I'd like to win at home for the team."